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Meet Dr. Sylvia Marasco, ND

Dr. Sylvia Marasco profile photoDr. Sylvia Marasco, ND has been practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor since 2010. Her passion for health and wellness equals that of her passion for people and each person’s individual life experience, perspective, and world view.

Early Start in Naturopathy

Her pursuit as a Naturopathic Doctor began with facing family health challenges at a young age. These experiences led to the pursuit of optimal health through diet and nutrition. It is here that she recognized a need to acquire more knowledge for herself and to share with others.

Her interest in people on a holistic level expressed itself formally with the completion of two university degrees at Laurentian University in Modern Languages and the other in Religious Studies, with electives in the health sciences. These studies helped give her a glimpse of how people relate to themselves, their wellbeing, and their environment through language, culture, food, belief systems, and worldview. These interests, experiences, and studies, along with travel, and a personal desire to further acquire and share methods of empowerment to individuals, led to her pursuit in Naturopathic Medicine.

The additional four years of Naturopathic study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine brought various concepts together into a form of natural medicine that resonated strongly with her previous learning and lifestyle regarding health. This includes the basic concept that health is multifaceted and can be expressed on multiple levels (body, mind, and spirit) and that nature is abundant with various forms of healing.

Outside of her Naturopathic practice, Dr. Sylvia ND loves reading, delving into creative projects, spending time with family and friends, and taking long daily walks with her dog Seamus. She practices
meditation regularly and enjoys living a life of simplicity.

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